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chasing dreams...

2013-08-31 17:46:06 by undeadhellknight

So i havent been on lately to post any new stuff. I have been spending time longboarding lately. Sometime last year i learned the ways of freestyle longboarding and have practiced it since. Flip tricks, Grinding (yes.. grinding) Grab tricks, Powerslides, nose mannys and even dropping in and riding park. i have begun the task of filming which already sucks. but i have decided to put the videos on here. i also plan to put a video together and send it to sector 9 (a longboarding company). its a process but soon ill be back to the art. i do have alot of stuff i have done ill end up putting on when i have the time

chasing dreams...

old school gamers

2011-12-14 01:53:09 by undeadhellknight

who remembers old school playstation 1 when it first came out and final fantasy VII that came out later and made it popular. or the silent hill original. or maybe even earlier than that. n64? super smash bros. if you didnt play that you had no childhood. one of my n64 favorites was earthworm jim 3d. what about super nintendo. mortal kombat 1? if you grew up in the 90's your one of the many that are the biggest challenges for multiplayer. idk. if you come across this post your thoughts.

so i have been thinking. ive been on and off newgrounds for the last 6 years. possibly longer. and ive only had an account to screw around on. ive never submitted anything. i may not be so good at flash but i can draw some pretty good stuff. anything ranging from anime, cartoons from the 90s (angry beavers, ren and stimpy, animaniacs, rockos modern life, pinky and the brain ect.) and anything similar to things like abstract and 3d drawings. during my time living on cape cod i also did tattoos and took a likeness to it. the comics will be stoner comics. seeing as i am one.... probably as well as half of newgrounds. if anyone has any ideas. please share.